5 Best Three-Wheel Bicycles for Adults in 2022

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle
MOPHOTO Adult Tricycle
Barbella Adult Tricycle
Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle
Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle Cruise Cargo Bike

Adult tricycles are regarded as three-wheeled cycling devices that are great for cardiovascular activities that usually take a two-wheeled bike. Tricycles can be classified based on three designs: upright, semi-recumbent (adaptive), and recumbent. 

Adult trikes appear to be more similar than diverse, and the variations are mostly attributed to personal preference. Choosing the appropriate adult tricycle from the collections of styles and models doesn’t need to be confusing for you!  

Benefits of an Adult Tricycle

If you’re seriously considering the purchase of an adult tricycle, here are some of the benefits that you will be able to experience from riding it:

  • Adult tricycles provide strength training, entertainment, agility, and balance.
  • Adult tricycles are regarded as a safer alternative compared to conventional biking.
  • Assistive adult tricycles offer caregivers another way for a low-risk, age-appropriate form of exercise since it also aids in coordination.
  • Adult tricycles enable people who have diabetes, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson’s disease to enjoy similar physical benefits as cyclists and trikers.
  • Adult tricycles are used for low-impact workouts.
  • The exceptional designs of upright, semi-recumbent, recumbent three-wheeled tricycles enable users to continuously reap the cardiovascular advantages of exercise without the risk of worsening joint damage and balance-loss falls.
  • Most signature upright tricycles feature a seat clearance of 18 inches, which provides added comfort for those experiencing arthritis.
  • Adult tricycles help enhance muscle flexibility and strength, improves posture, coordination, and joint mobility.
  • Adult tricycles lower stress levels, improve heart rate, and allow you and your family opportunities to interact with others.

What to Consider in Buying an Adult Tricycle


Adult tricycles can be recumbent, semi-recumbent, or upright— all of which offer exceptional cardiovascular workouts.

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Semi-recumbent and recumbent tricycles enable users to be stretched out slightly, but they appear to be in a much lower position relative to the ground.

The body’s position is less intense when you are riding either a semi-recumbent or recumbent tricycle because of weight disbursement and space.

Upright tricycles are generally ideal for achieving seat, back, and hand placement comfort. They contribute to providing relief to the pressure you might feel on your lower back, and these types of tricycles make it more convenient to change positions.


Upright adult tricycles may come in saddle-style, comfortable, or wide seat. Buying appropriately-sized tricycle guarantees that they can firmly settle their feet on the ground when the user stops.

The stable center of gravity of an adult tricycle, facilitated by its three-wheel design, enables users to stop then start sharply, with no worries of being tripped over.

Semi-recumbent and recumbent tricycles usually have contoured and padded platform seats with added back support or sling-style nylon seating. These designs abolish the worries of losing control or tipping the tricycle since they appear low to the ground.


Conventional curved handlebars may be observed in most upright tricycles, aside from chopper or loop styles.

Traditional handlebars are usually suitable for trikers with excellent upper body strength and normal range of motion.

On the other hand, loop handlebars enable individuals to steer through the use of any component of the rectangular loop. Thus, this usually works efficiently for users with weak hands or unsteady arms.

Finally, chopper handlebars are the same as traditional handlebars in need of more upper body strength and complete use of shoulders, arms, and hands. They can be located on recumbent or upright tricycle models.

Weight Capacity

Manufactures find out and note the weight limit for every individual adult tricycle model. Such a difference can lead to significant variations between the manufacturer and the model. Thus, it is highly suggested to consider this factor, especially when you are buying your first adult tricycle.

Generally, the weight limit for upright tricycles normally falls in the range of 200 to 350 lbs. Semi-recumbent and recumbent tricycles frequently have more considerable weight limits—most often, up to 400 lbs. Bariatric trikes, though, can carry individuals whose weights are up to 500 lbs.

In purchasing an adult tricycle, consider it an investment not just for yourself but also for your loved one. This is regarded as long-term equipment, so it is critical to select the ideal tricycle according to your riding style or personal needs.

Three Wheel Bicycles Feature

So now that you know what you should consider in buying an Adult Tricycle, here are the five best three-wheel adult bicycles you can ride on! They are available on Amazon, grab one for yourself now!

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

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The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a 26-inch three-wheeled bike with a convenient step-through aluminum frame/low standover, front and rear brakes, and a padded cruiser saddle. It also has a folding rear basket for you to carry an extra jacket or a picnic lunch conveniently. 

This durable, stable, and well-made trike does not need to be assembled since the local bicycle store will do that for you. The fenders are relatively affordable, and this attractive trike comes in colors such as mint green and brown.

Here are the advantages of using this adult tricycle:

  • More seamless and convenient riding, making it a favorite among commuters.
  • More stylish and comfortable cruising around town or the park during sunny days.
  • Its stability makes it easy to stop at corners.
  • User-friendly and safe for those recovering from knee injuries and surgery and those suffering from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

While providing healthy exercise, The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is made by a trusted name in bicycling… And, it’s fun!

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MOPHOTO Adult Tricycle

The MOPHOTO Adult Tricycle has two options depending on the rider’s height, namely, the 24-inch wheel trike and the 26-inch wheel trike. This is the reason why the size needs to be checked first before purchasing. 

This trike is a seven-speed tricycle that you can use for riding out of town, on a bike path, or on the beach. It is made from a high-quality tensile steel TIG welded frame that supports both the rider and cargo combined weight, reaching a maximum of 350 lbs.

The Mophoto Adult Tricycle is backed by a one-year worry-free warranty covering all damaged or defective components of this three-wheeled bicycle. It also has a 30-day return and refund guarantee.

Own this adult three-wheeled and you will benefit from it!

  • A package consisting of manual and assembly tools.
  • Fun riding, effortless shifting, and convenient pedaling
  • Its basket can fit numerous items in it.

With two different sized wheel options, the Mophoto Adult Tricycle will surely meet your needs… And, it comes in many beautiful colors! Check it out on Amazon.com!

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Barbella Adult Tricycle

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The Barbella Adult Tricycle is a three-wheeled bike made from high-grade iron, which can support cargo and rider combined weight of up to 331 lbs. 

This tricycle has a large rear basket that is foldable, and it is also fitted with three big wheels with trendy full wrap fenders and lightweight alloy rims with galvanized iron spokes. It is a seven-speed adult tricycle with three handbrakes, such as the right-back brake for greater security. 

Buying this adult tricycle? Heres what you can get:

  • Its basket is ideal for storing groceries and carrying items for picnics and other outdoor or recreation activities.
  • Due to its sturdy steel design, it offers practicality and additional stability while riding.
  • The fenders make the tricycle dry and clean to the optimum level.
  • Very practical, easy, and comfortable to use daily; suitable for any age level. 
  • Can be used as a form of exercise around town or on a bike path.

What CAN’T you haul in this extra-large capacity back basket?!? It’s perfect for a large picnic or day at the beach!

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VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle

Three Wheel Bicycles for Adults 4

The Vanell Adult Mountain Tricycle is built from high-quality steel. With the load-bearing rider and cargo combined weight of up to 400 lbs., it’s certainly durable for the best adventures. Moreover, the trike’s easy rolling and flexible profile adjusts suitably to any surface. 

The state-of-the-art shifters will allow you to enjoy a sporty ride on any slope. It also contains a front disc brake/rear brand brake that provides total control on your rides. The well-made front suspension fork of this mountain tricycle evens out road bumps while biking and enhancing control for a more convenient ride.

Its big fold-down rear basket enables optimum storage since it is 11 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 18 inches long. It can also hold a weight limit of 60 lbs.

A one-year warranty backs this adult tricycle, and it is also packed with assembly instructions and tools to aid you in the assembly of parts and in exchanging or returning damaged or defective components within 30 days.

Here is why you should own this adult tricycle:

  • The three-wheel design offers additional stability and comfort while riding. 
  • Can help the riders easily adjust to downhill or uphill roads.
  • Your ride can be controlled through precision stopping, all-condition, and sharp stopping.
  • Its large basket makes it ideal for storing groceries or during picnics.
  • It can be taken to a bike path, the beach, or anywhere in town.
  • Suitable for people experiencing developmental conditions, allowing them to have a sense of freedom while not compromising safety.

Take a look at all of the nice colors this comes in… a color to fit everyone’s personality!

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Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle Cruise Cargo Bike Trike

The Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle Cruise Cargo Bike is a three-wheeled bike made from high-carbon steel with a thicker frame tube for added durability and strength. It also has fat and solid steel tubing that is welded appropriately.

This tricycle can support the rider and a cargo combined weight of up to 264 lbs. It also has an exceptional seat, gear shifter, flexible rear derailleur with six-variable speed, and an adjustable handlebar, which is well-made, and height position.

The larger rear basket is also present in Areyourshop Tricycle Cruise Cargo Bike. This basket can hold a lot of fruits, vegetables, bread, and other items. The rear basket is also pet-friendly since you can also put your puppy or cat here without worrying about their safety. 

In assembling this three-wheeled bike, you can ask the help of a bike mechanic or specialist to be sure about getting your money’s worth.

Here are the benefits of owning this three-wheeled bicycle:

  • It enables you to conveniently, seamlessly, and freely shift your speed in case of emergency.
  • Its six-speed flywheel provides more thrill in riding, and shifters are available for hassle-free shifting and pedaling. (This one is also available in 7 speed.)
  • The trike enables both adult men and women to enjoy their rides anywhere—on a bike path, the beach, or town. 

This would make a great holiday or birthday gift for all generations. Buy one for the whole family today!

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