5 Best Roller Blades/Inline Skates for Adults in 2022

Rollerblade Zetrablade
Rollerblade Macroblade 100 3WD Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate
Roller Derby AERIO Men’s Inline Skates
XYZCUP Roller Skates Women
Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Unisex Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Rollerblading can be learned at any age! For as long as you can maintain your balance, you can learn to rollerblade, whether you’re 5 or 50 years old. Like any sports activity, the trick is in adopting safety measures, practicing as many times as possible, and enjoying it.

Yet another great thing about rollerblading is that it can be enjoyed nearly everywhere! You can rollerblade in a skating rink, on asphalt highways and gravel roads, such as the sidewalk.

Of course, rollerblading isn’t just a fun activity! It features a vast range of benefits for your mind and body. These health benefits can be enjoyed, too, regardless of the number of times you’re rollerblading.

  • Burns calories and fats that contribute to weight loss and management. You can burn between 300 and 600 calories for an hour of vigorous rollerblading.
  • Enhances cardiovascular health that reduces the risk for strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes, among other chronic degenerative diseases.
  • It decreases stress on the joints while also providing cardiovascular health benefits. This is because rollerblading has a more fluid motion than running, jogging, and jumping rope.
  • Acts as a cross-training exercise for people engaged in other sports. If you’re a professional athlete who wants to keep in shape without stressing your joints, then rollerblading should be on your program.
  • Improves balance, coordination, and agility that contributes to better everyday movement. You will also observe that your muscles in your abdomen, back and legs become stronger, too.
  • Increases levels of muscle endurance, especially when you add uphill climbs to your sessions. Over time, your lung and heart capacity will also increase. 
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And when you feel and look better physically, you will also feel better about yourself! You will feel happier, both while rollerblading and afterward, partly because of the feel-good hormones in your body.

And the best thing about all that exercise: It doesn’t feel like exercise! You’re not counting calories, sets and reps, and weights. You’re just living in the present! You enjoy the feel of the wind, the speed under your feet, and the sunshine on your shoulders. 

But we also want to emphasize that these health benefits can only be maximized by choosing the right rollerblading skates! With ill-fitting inline skates, the risk of injuries increases.

  • Choose based on your preference and skills. Soft-shell skates are more comfortable and provide more ventilation. Hard-shell skates allow for more control and stability. We suggest getting rollerblades made for your specific gender since men’s and women’s feet are different.
  • Always choose skates based on your feet size. You should put them on and skate with them for 15 minutes and determine their fit. You must be able to move your toes in new rollerblades slightly. If it feels tight, then it likely will feel tight even after several uses.
  • Check the accessories, including the buckles and laces, to ensure they are in good condition. Check the brakes and frames, too, that these are functional and durable. 
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Here are the best rollerblades in the market today:

1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Roller Blade Adults 1

The Rollerblade Zetrablade is among the best inline skates for beginners who want to enjoy rollerblading’s fitness benefits. These are easy to wear and adjust to your comfort level, as well as easy to get used to. You may feel that these are slightly heavier than expected, but it’s to be expected since these are entry-level fitness skates. 

This pair is designed with all-around lining and padding for optimum cushioning. The feet—from the toes to the ankles—are supported well by these features. There’s no risk of blister formation; however, you should still wear socks to prevent chaffing on your skin. 

We like the overall design of the buckles, strap, and lace systems, too. The buckle keeps the ankle in proper alignment while the laces and strap anchor the heels. The combination results in minimal heel lift and, thus, at a better speed.  You should have an easy time wearing and taking off the skates because of the convenient lace design. 

Of course, the measure of rollerblades lies in their smooth gliding motion. These Zetrablade skates can be used on many skating surfaces thanks to the world-class design of their wheels and bearings. You will appreciate their moderate speed and optimum smoothness, whether you’re in a skating rink or a bike path. 

Our Verdict

Roller Blade Adults rating 1

Get rolling today! Rollerblading is a great way to get in shape!

2. Rollerblade Macroblade 100 3WD Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

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These Rollerblade Macroblade skates are exclusively designed for adult women, from the narrower skates to the girlier design.  But their overall design isn’t for the weak of heart either!

These are made with a 3WD twin-blade aluminum frame, a sturdy frame with a low-profile design resulting in a faster speed.  With their 100mm/85a wheels combined with SG9 bearings, you will love the better glide and roll, too. You can make quick maneuvers around tight turns and stop on a dime as well.

Even at reasonably high speeds, your feet and ankle will have optimum support due to the world-class buckle system. The aluminum buckle anchors the feet while the lace and strap-anchor the heels, so your feet and the skates move well together. The flex and lateral support from these features mean better stability at faster speeds, too. 

After an hour or so of vigorous rollerblading, your feet and ankles may sweat inside your skates. But not with the Macroblade skates! This is because of their mesh upper that allows for efficient moisture-wicking. 

With drier feet supported by the thick lining and padding, you should be able to skate for as many hours as you want. Your feet and limbs won’t feel too sore afterward.

Our Verdict

Roller Blade Adults rating 1

These Rollerblade Macroblade Skates are perfect for the ladies. They are stylish AND functional. The moisture-wicking mesh is great!

3. Roller Derby AERIO Men’s Inline Skates

Roller Blade Adults 3

Advanced rollerblading enthusiasts demand more from their skates! To paraphrase the Olympic motto says it, they aim for faster speeds, higher jumps, and more durable skates. Any pair that aren’t up to these demands will be discarded. 

We’re confident that the Roller Derby Aerio skates will meet these demands because they are designed for advanced-level skaters.  Keep in mind that these are semi-soft inline skates, so these have the comfort of soft-shell boots and the control of hard-shell boots. Get the best of both worlds at a reasonable price!

As soon as you wear the boots, you will love its memory comfort foam liner that provides superior comfort, support, and breathability. You can skate for more prolonged periods since there’s no risk of blisters. Your feet will be dry and cool, too, thanks to the ventilation holes. 

The 80mm Elite Speed wheels are suitable for advanced-level skaters, too – the smaller the wheels, the faster the speed as a general rule. These wheels glide and roll smoothly on multiple surfaces, from sidewalks to skating rinks. The aluminum tri-coil frames are also sturdy enough to carry an adult’s weight.

Our Verdict

Roller Blade Adults rating 3

Once you have them on, you can go from zero to your fastest speed in minutes, too! You don’t have to worry about the skates not being up to the demanding task.

4. XYZCUP Roller Skates Women

Roller Blade Adults 4

The gold frame may be the first thing that attracts your attention to the XYZCUP roller skates.  But it isn’t just for show either – it’s made of sturdy material with high resistance against impact, corrosion, and ordinary wear and tear. In short, these are durable and dependable skates that will last for several years, even with regular use.

The boots are made with durability and quality in mind, too. Your feet and ankles will be less sweaty, thanks to the breathable liner on the upper and several breathable materials on the boots’ underside. You can skate better since your feet aren’t slipping and sliding inside the boots. 

Are you fond of jumping in your rollerblades? If you are, then you will love the cushioning technology of these skates! There’s an anti-vibration feature made of soft rubber underneath each boot that absorbs the impact during jumps. 

Our Verdict

Roller Blade Adults rating 4

These are really nice… and the gold-tone touch is an added plus. The XYZCUP skates for women are a must for the avid rollerblader!

5. Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Unisex Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Roller Blade Adults 5

Not everybody will have the skills and confidence to wear the Rollerblade Maxxum Edge skates! But once you’ve mastered them, you will likely not wear another pair of skates. These embody the best qualities we want in rollerblades – superior comfort and support, faster speeds and smoother rolls, and sturdier construction.

The reasonably expensive price is well worth every penny for these reasons. The skates’ overall design may be more stripped-down, but therein lies its beauty – these are sophisticated skates that deliver supreme performance despite their simple design.   

The reinforced connection between the frame and shell means faster speeds. We tried them on and reached speeds up to 25mph, a speed so fast you will be whizzing past bikers. The boots and wheels move as one, so to speak, allowing for easy maneuvering in tight corners, too.

When using any of these rollerblades, you should always wear the proper safety gear from your helmet to your knee and elbow pads. You can’t be complacent about your safety since you’re on wheels with nothing between your body and other objects. Besides, you will be speeding faster than Usain Bolt, so it pays to be in your safety gear.

Our Verdict

Roller Blade Adults rating 5

These cost a little more… but are well worth it! The Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Unisex Adult Fitness Inline Skate is ideal for men or women!