Best Television Deals for 2022

Selecting the best TV for blockbuster movies, awesome TV shows and continuous music is not easy. The last thing that you’ll actually need is investing on something that’s not completely appropriate to your needs as a viewer or gamer.

New TV technologies have constantly been unveiled. Numerous TV brands have come out, and this makes the decision-making part even tougher. There are SD, HD, HDR, LED, and Roku TVs, plus the newest addition to flatscreen TVs, the Ultra-HD TV or 4K TVs.

One of the most popular types of TV nowadays is the 4K TV. The 4K TV not only promises that it is four times greater than the regular high-definition (HD) TV. Since it is an Ultra-HD TV, it is also four times the resolution of the regular HD or 1080-pixel screens. 4K movies are of a great advantage especially for the TV shows and movies that you watch. So, in case you happen to come across the 4K TV, you’ll probably choose this over a regular 1080p TV because of its unique features.

Because we want you to have the best viewing experience, here are five of the best TVs in the market for this year. We have ranked these TVs in descending order, particularly on their respective features such as image and sound quality, resolution, brightness, design and internal aspects.

Samsung QN65Q9FN FLAT 65” QLED 4K UHD 9 Series Smart TV 2018

Selling Price: $3329.99

Sizes: 65 inches, 75 inches

Compared to last year’s model, there have been a few improvements in terms of Samsung’s new release, the Samsung Q9FN (65Q9FN). One of these is Full Array Local Dimming (FALD), which helps generate vibrant and brighter images. Another thing that sets it apart from its predecessors is its high-definition range (HDR) features as that of HDR10+ and QHDR EliteMax. No doubt that this is the best brand that Samsung has ever released.

Physical Features

The Samsung 65Q9FN appears to have a minimalist design. It is slightly thick in terms of the structure of the frame surrounding the screen. The slender frame also has a dark-toned finish, which goes well with its bar-style stand.

There’s actually a purpose for the TV’s minimalist design, and this is another feature of the Samsung 65Q9FN, the Ambient Mode. Through this feature, pictures can be taken from artworks so that it appears on the TV screen.

For the resolution of cable spewing, Samsung 65Q9FN utilizes the external connection box, which is linked to the screen through only one, thin cable. Thus, installation is quite easy through this feature. The TV’s power is focused on this connection box, and at the same time, the box works well with game consoles and 4K Blu-ray players.

Internal Features

The Samsung 65Q9FN also has a SmartThings platform, which contains an onscreen hub in order to monitor and handle and interact with other gadgets such as smartphones. TV guides and live broadcasting are also integrated into the 65Q9FN’s content aspects. TV show recommendations are also displayed on a per hour basis, and popular or most viewed TV shows also appear on the browsing menus.

The 65Q9FN also has awesome gaming features. In fact, one of these is the Variable Refresh Rate feature that enables the TV to constantly modify the frame rate in order to coincide with any game that you are playing. You don’t have to worry about “screen tearing” which is largely associated with games that continuously run at various frame rates. This amazing game feature also decreases the possibility of input lags or the duration it takes for the screen to provide better images to a level of about 7ms. The TV also generates direct connections related with the application (app) you have chosen in order to readily access content without taking too much time and effort.

Resolution and Image Quality

Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix apps have both HDR and 4K versions on the 65Q9FN. Because of its upscaling process, HD content is perfectly converted to 4K content. Thus, this provides additional details without the necessity of new sound introduction or any form of exaggeration in terms of its other specifications.

Due to the broad range of color spectra that the 65Q9FN has, the screen itself has no difficulty obtaining superb levels of vibrant colors. Images are remarkably clear and detailed. Thus, the 65Q9FN is at a greater advantage over its competitors in terms of high-quality 4K HDR images.


One of the unique features of the Samsung 65Q9FN is its solid brightness and ultra-smart tone-mapping processing. Thus, it does a more excellent job compared to other HDR TVs on the market. The 65Q9FN can even retain the smallest details of bright images. The reason behind the 65Q9FN’s ability to retain image details is due to the combination of excellent brightness and contrast levels, first-class color volumes, and a broader color spectrum. This enables the 65Q9FN to produce extraordinary HDR images.

Brightness holds a high significance especially when you want to achieve the best HDR experience in watching movies. Samsung 65Q9FN displays the most intense and high-quality images you have never seen before. It also displays even the smallest details of short-distance range (SDR) images. The 65Q9FN also produces rich dark colors and its screen’s light controls are accurate to show the finest levels of details and style at various levels of brightness.

The 65Q9FN also possesses the HDR+ mode, which allows the conversion of SDR to HDR content. The screen also has direct lighting and local dimming settings in order to generate different levels of brightness without compromising the darker shades of images. The 65Q9FN can also maintain excellent color intensity even for the lightest shades. This is attributed to the higher level of QLED technology that the TV has than its competitors and the previous models of Samsung.


The audio feature of the Samsung 65Q9FN delivers one of the best sounds considering other versions of Samsung TV. The most powerful volumes and a broad dynamic range of sounds may be combined without creating distortion of unnecessary muffling. It can also deliver sounds at relatively large distances from the TV’s screen, producing three-dimensional audio spaces with specific depth, height, and width. Dialogue sounds also appear to be more detailed and clearer regardless of the fact that the TV set has extremely small speakers. The 65Q9FN generates more bass compared to other built-in sound systems.

The Samsung 65Q9FN also has a noble Smart Sound aspect, which enables the analysis and monitoring of incoming sounds and automatic modification of sound quality. In turn, the role of the Smart Sound aspect permits adjusted sound quality to coincide with the kind of content you are watching. It produces a stadium-style sound especially when you’re watching your favorite baseball or soccer game. It even adopts a movie-appropriate tone whenever you watch movies. The Smart Sound feature allows you to enjoy what you are watching without the necessity to fumble any menus for adjusting sounds.


  • Excellent HDR image quality
  • Dynamic, well-rounded sound
  • Ergonomic design
  • Awesome gaming features


  • Viewing angles are limited
  • Quite bulky in terms of size

LG C8 OLED Series

Selling Price: $2996.99

Sizes: 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches

The LG C8 OLED Series is currently at the top of our list. There are several LG brands out there, yet the LG C8 OLED Series offers the best in terms of price, physical features, image quality, resolution, and other aspects.

One of the latest forms of the LG OLED Series is its C8, which combines cutting-edge screen resolution, sound, and design for an awesome viewing experience. The C8 has a wide range of features compared to its previous counterpart, the LG OLED C7, which was first launched in 2017. However, there were some specks that were retained, in the C8, and these include high resolution and “cinema-surround” sound. What sets the C8 apart from other brands is its Alpha 9 processor and its state-of-the-art design and platform, making it the ideal TV for your home.

Physical Features

In terms of physical features, the LG C8 is of a minimalist design but elegant style. It features an ultra-thin OLED panel with a glossy black trim surrounding the outer edges. It is typically thick at the top edge yet broadens at the bottom, where it houses connections, speakers, and electronics. The rear is composed of a brushed aluminum trim at the top and a dark gray plastic trim down to the bottom. The build quality of the TV screen is also excellent.

The LG C8 also has a high aesthetic value due to its ergonomic design. The TV has a broad and sloped base, which enables sounds to be redirected from the speakers to the viewer.

As for its connections, the LG C8 has three HDMI inputs at the side and one HDMI input located in front of the rear. The LG C8 also has three parts, two types of timers (Freeview Play and Satellite HD), LAN USB port, Cl slot, line out, headphone slot, and an optical digital output. In terms of its wireless aspect, it has a Bluetooth, WiDi, and WiFi support.

Internal Features

One of the unique features of the LG C8 is the Magic remote, a motion controller that utilizes a scroll wheel and on-screen pointer for easy access and navigation of its menus and smart platform. Aside from the Magic remote, the LG C8 also has a remote app and a built-in voice central, which enables you to enjoy an interactive form of viewing. The voice control uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (ThinQ A1) which allows other devices to communicate with the TV.

Resolution and Image Quality

The LG C8 produces one of the best HD/SDR pictures, considering dark tones and perfectly saturated tones associated with OLED TVs. Issues on previous LG OLED models, such as lack of screen uniformity and imperfect black tones, have been improved on the LG C8. Thus the TV produces the best images without any traces of discolorations, non-uniformity, and distortions.

There are several image settings to choose from. Nevertheless, the ISF and the Technicolor both produce excellent images with vibrant colors, and precise white and dark tones. The Standard setting permits brighter, more detailed and vibrant images and good motion handling due to upgraded processing.

The Alpha 9 processor performs excellently as well, as it takes HD pictures and upscales them to coincide well with the 4K panel resolution. The processor enables the generation of impressive images, wherein fine details are perfectly retained. It can also display low-quality HD images while removing unnecessary noise and maintaining the natural look of the pictures.

LG C8 also features the Motion Pro, an additional feature that inserts a black frame in between the other frames. This feature enables better motion performance as well. Another thing is that, whenever you watch 4K movies like Planet Earth II and the Passengers, the LG C8 utilizes its Ultra HD panel to display all pixels. In turn, it produces vibrant colors on the screen and images that are quite impressive and relaxing to the eye.


The C8 is bright for an OLED, hitting around 820 nits, but it’s nowhere near as bright as the best LCD TVs. However the peak highlights in an HDR image are delivered with far greater precision; after all an OLED has 8 million pixels to play with.

Where the C8 struggles slightly is in terms of brighter overall images, such as the snow fields in The Revenant. An OLED can’t really go above 150nits in such circumstances, especially if it’s accurately tone mapping the original image. The problem is compounded by content mastered at 4,000 or even 10,000nits, resulting in images that sometimes appear too dark.


Another unique aspect of the LG C8 OLED Series is that even though the TV looks thin on the outside, the sound is excellent and reverberating. Speakers generally function by means of moving air. Thus, the size of the driver affects the amount of air it moves, which in turn, has an impact on the quality of sounds. The greater the size of the driver, the more air it draws and moves. As a result, the speaker produces sound of superior quality.

The TV’s Alpine Stand effectively redirects sounds to the viewer. It also generates a broader front soundstage, resulting to better performance for the TV. The LG C8 also features Dolby Atmos processing, which uses advance acoustic technology to produce excellent sounds that will make you think you are inside a movie house.


  • Clear and vibrant images
  • Superb upscaling
  • Use of WEBOS
  • Low input lag


  • Relatively low motion performance
  • Does not display images well in bright rooms; most suitable in darker rooms

Sony Bravia X900F Series

Selling Price: $1798

Sizes: 45 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches

Sony Bravia currently offers one of its superb brands in the market, the X900F Series. It utilizes a direct LED system and localized dimming, enabling this brand series to be one of the most state-of-the-art yet affordable models of Sony Bravia. The X900F is also one of the most recommended brands for people who really love to watch HD and SDR movies.

The X900F also permits direct lighting to be combined with local dimming in order to generate high quality images and videos on screen. HDR video content is relatively compatible with the X900F’s specks, as streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Netflix also continuously support it.

Physical and Internal Features

The frame which surrounds the screen is completely neat and trim due to its brushed metal finish. The simple design of this TV makes it a space saver even though it appears to be massive in terms of its base.

The X900F series also features an Android TV platform that allows viewers to obtain numerous content. These include music, games, and continuous video streaming on certain platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix.

Resolution and Brightness

One of the main features of the Sony Bravia X900F is the X1 Extreme video processor, which possesses a twin-database system that filters out unwanted noise and gives additional details. The X1 Extreme video processor can level up HD to 4K performance as well as transform standard dynamic range (SDR) pictures to HDR. The upgrade of Sony’s HDR permits the presentation of enhanced colors and a wide range of brightness levels, which in turn allows images to appear unique, vibrant, and consistent.

The HDR upgrade of the X900F produces excellent image quality on both HD and SD. The richness of colors, whether light or dark, are maintained. Deep black levels are impressive, and motion handling and brightness levels are also exceptional. These features contribute to the competence of Sony Bravia X900F as a 4K, HDR TV. Compared to its expensive rivals on the market, the X900F also has a constant backlight feature and a continuous HDR-friendly brightness level.


The Sony Bravia X900F Series produces clear and open sounds through its powerful speakers. It also generates a massive soundstage that coincides with the presentation of images. The soundstage goes beyond the frame of the TV, which results to detailed, clean and excellent sound quality. Because of the unique position of the soundstage, dialogue sounds seem to be clearer.


  • Better processing of images and videos
  • Enhanced motion performance
  • Enhanced SDR to HD conversion


  • Viewing angles are quite limited
  • Image quality may become low at a certain point
  1. Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

Selling Price: $1597.99

Sizes: 65 inches, 75 inches

The Samsung Q7FN QLED has awesome features, which include a bright screen, vibrant colors, and three types of HDR. The TV also has FALD combined with Q Contrast Elite Max to produce high-quality images all the time. Ambient Mode is also another feature that works well with game consoles such as Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. HDR+ mode intensifies HD/SDR as well as 4K/HDR features as it allows the viewer to look at images with an almost liquid sheen.

Physical Features

The Samsung Q7FN has a T-Bar stand located at the back area to support the TV in an elevated manner as well as keep the cables intact at the back area. The TV is also composed of a silver frame with a relatively sleek, eight-inch bezel. In terms of depth, the screen is positioned at half an inch closer to the top, and completely near the bottom area.

The almost “invisible” connection cable, which is entirely responsible for the external processing unit of the Samsung Q7FN, is housed at the lower area of the TV port. This is more commonly known as the One Connect Box. It is through this area that you’ll be able to connect gadgets to any of the four HDMI ports, Ethernet port or digital optical-audio out port. Because the cord is short in terms of length, you don’t have to worry anymore about unnecessary clutter or disorganized cables.

Another unique feature of the Samsung Q7FN is the Ambient Mode, a type of low power consumption mode that appears to be a hybrid between a regular screen saver and a photo taken from the wall behind the TV screen. The Ambient Mode enables the TV itself to match with the background. On its menu, the Ambient Mode displays various designs to choose from as well.

Resolution and Image Quality

HD/SDR content is upscaled to a great level through the Samsung Q7FN. This results in images that have clear details and with small image noise. The HDR+ mode permits the enhancement of contrasts and colors of HD/SDR pictures.

Nevertheless, Samsung Q7FN has not yet adopted the Dolby Vision features. As such, it is only limited to HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG levels. This means that most of the original shows under Netflix may be displayed only up to a regular HDR, rather than the Dolby Vision type. Despite this setback though, the images and movies on 4K HDR through the Netflix platform still appear to be pristine and very detailed. Colors are also lively and precise, and dark shades are retained even if there are a lot of fight scenes.


One of the notable features of this TV is its brightness, which highly contributes to HD/SDR performance. To enhance its brightness along with HD/SDR content, the HDR+ setting is present. It permits color and contrast expansion of the screen itself. Through the HDR+ mode, dramatic contrasts are achieved whenever you watch old films which were not taken or shot using modern technology.

The Samsung Q7FN also has a brightness range from 1400 to 1600 nit peaks. Thus, its brightness is twice that of other LED-LCD TVs currently being sold in the market. Additional brightness on this TV is most appropriate for those who want to watch shows and movies during the daytime. Images and videos still look great in daylight. Since this Samsung model uses quantum dot technology, color volume is amazingly enhanced, thereby producing high-quality, natural images.


Another outstanding feature of the Samsung Q7FN is its dynamic sound system. Movie and TV dialogues sound clearer and background noises are muffled as well. The audio system also performs excellently with music, making it appropriate for weekend house parties.

Amplifiers can also be connected through Bluetooth pairing that can easily be installed. Thus, your TV can actually be used as a speaker for your tablet or phone through the integration of the Chromecast Built-In setting.

The Samsung Q7FN also has the Smart Sound feature, an extraordinary software algorithm that allows the analysis of incoming sounds and modification based on the kind of content that you are viewing. In general, the hardware of the Samsung Q7FN permits dynamic sound performance in a large room along with realistic sound effects and clearer, more detailed dialogues.


  • Amazingly broad color spectrum
  • Excellent brightness levels to produce more clear and vibrant images
  • Low input lag


  • Limited viewing angles

TCL 6-Series (R615, R617)

Selling Price: $619

Sizes: 55 inches, 65 inches

If your main concern is the cost-efficiency of your TVs, the recommended brand for you would be the TCL 6 series, particularly the R615 and R617 models. The TV itself performs excellently, especially in the creation of high-quality images. The TCL 6 series has been highly recommended as a budget-friendly TV. It was also included in the top 10 list of Best TVs last year, along with Sony and LG OLEDS, as well as Samsung QLEDs.

Physical Features

The TCL 6 (R615 and R617 models) screens are made up of a gem-like power button, a half-inch thick but tough frame, and a brushed metal outer surface. The screen is situated on top of a v-shaped, metal stand with rubber paddings at the bottom part to prevent it from falling or slipping. The entire system can easily be installed in less than a few minutes. Moreover, it does not take up much space because of what’s in its interior. The interior is composed of a full-array LED panel with a few control zones for contrasts and colors.

At the back of the R615 and R617 models are the following parts: a single HDMI arc, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 millimeter Headphone Jack and Digital Optical-In, and three HDMI 2.0 ports along with a HDCP 2.2 port. These ports are great for devices that you want to connect to the TV such as cellphones, tablets or laptops. It also has an AV In port that is perfect for game consoles or other gadgets.

Internal Features

The main feature of the TCL 6 series is the presence of Roku TV, a form of operating system that ties up with leading streaming services like FandangoNow, Amazon, Sling TV, Hulu, Netflix, and other local, not-so-popular channels such as Crackle, tubi, and

Another internal feature of these TVs is the Chromecast built-in, which enables you to transfer significant content from your mobile gadgets to the TV. This is most appropriate if you have a bunch of friends coming over, for a slumber party perhaps, and they all want to tune in to their favorite Youtube clips or for general family viewing of movies and images.

Though there isn’t QLED or any form of technology involved in these TVs, Roku TV possesses laser-accurate focus especially on the delivery of popular streaming platforms and services as well as in collecting movies and TV shows through its readily accessible database.

Resolution and Image Quality

One of the greatest advantages of the TCL 6 series is its dozens of contrast control settings and full array panel. Through these features, greater contrast is achieved on HDR and SDR content. Better quality of pictures can also be achieved if the TCL 6 series is installed in a dark room since details of both dark and bright scenes will be effectively retained. Based on a current review, the contrast performance of the TCL 6 series is higher compared to its competitors in the market.

In order to level up its HDR/SD performance on brightly lit areas, the HDR Pro Gamma feature of the TV enables you to alter from Dark HDR settings for a regular home theater to Bright HDR settings for daytime viewing. There is also a Normal HDR setting for contrasts in between. Through the HDR Pro Gamma Feature, colors will not fade easily and images will not blow up excessively. Gamers will also have the best experience as well due to the TV’s low input lag.


The R617 model of the TCL 6 series has two 8-watt speakers that generate sounds through downward firing. This means that the sounds being produced are still clear and can fill up an entire bedroom. It can even go through middle-sized or large rooms without any compromise in terms of sound details.

Considering tonal balance, the TCL 6 series has emphasized the middle and high tones instead of the bass tones. Thus, the TV performs excellently for movies and shows wherein the dialogues are the most dominant type of sounds heard. A soundbar can be incorporated for well-shaking bass tones to achieve a superb gaming experience.

The TCL 6 series though supports the Dolby Atmos feature. As such, you can have maximum viewing experience through this aspect that is almost close to a home theater system.


  • Excellent image quality
  • Superb backlight with at least 120 contrast or dimming control zones
  • Unique Roku Smart TV platform


  • Sounds not good enough for gaming purposes
  • Viewing angles are limited
  • No headphone jack for private listening on the remote