5 Best Remote Control Vehicles in 2022

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LAEGENDARY Large Scale 4X4 Off Road Monster Truck
INGQU Upgraded Metal 14 WD Off-Road Monster Truck
Soyee RC Cars All Terrain 4WD Off-Road Waterproof Monster Truck
KIDCHEER High Speed Off Road Waterproof Monster Truck
WHIMSWIT Off-Road Anti-Collision Cross-Country Racing Vehicle

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Play is an integral component of child development! It also plays a crucial role in solidifying parental bonds with their children. For 8-year old children, competitive play is better understood and more valuable. Competitive play is often experienced in sports and other activities requiring two teams or individuals competing. From this age forward, competitive play can help them develop social and critical thinking skills for them to navigate in real-world scenarios.

Toys can be a medium for these kids to develop this competitive play groundwork instead of engaging immediately in physical sports. For toys like remote control (RC) vehicles, it will help them better understand STEM concepts as well as develop excellent motor skills.

As for adults, toys can be a form of recreation and form social bonds with friends or with their children. It’s also an excellent way to encourage them to pursue outdoor activities, hence allowing them to enjoy and get some physical activity at the same time.

Check out these five RC trucks that provide kids and adults fun and adventure like no other!

1. LAEGENDARY Large Scale 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck

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Built for rugged adventures, the LAEGENDARY Large Scale 4X4 Off Road Monster Truck is your outdoor companion.

This remote control vehicle is built for kids and adults. This LAEGENDARY creation is embedded with a rechargeable 1600 mAh batteries equipped for longer rides ahead. Aside from quality lithium polymer battery, this sturdy RC toy also comes with another battery connector for extra mileage and speed. It comes with easy charging with its 2 USB ports. Each charging can give you 30 minutes of non-stop fun that you and your kids would surely love to play during downtimes.

As one not to compromise, the remote control is also meant for rough handling. With an easy to maneuver 60A electronic speed controller, this monster truck can drive through most terrains using two speeds: low speed for driving tougher terrains and high speed for racing in flat terrains. The control range can go up to 250 feet from the vehicle.  

Race more without burning engines efficiently. The two-brushed built-in motor gives you the 4X4 off-road grip to drive on any terrains. Puddles and mud don’t stand a chance with this toy vehicle since its waterproof. The brushed electronic double motor further ensures its durability and long-lasting use.

Other distinctive features include a 2.2 kg high torque servo and foam-filled tires for easier bounce and maintenance. This toy truck can easily climb terrains up to a 45-degree angle smoothly.

This is an assemble-free toy, so you can simply take it out of the box and immediately spin it off for a short practice. Ideal for racing, this off-road monster truck reaches up to an exceptional speed of 30 mph.

Our Verdict

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Remote control vehicles are great for your kid’s hand/eye coordination… And adults love them, too!

2. INGQU Upgraded Metal 14WD Off-Road Monster Truck

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For high speed and durable impact RC trucks, the INGQU Upgraded Metal 14 WD Off-Road Monster Truck drives with ease in any given terrain.

This is not an ordinary off-road RC truck. This INGQU model is created drop-resistant and can fluidly move around any terrain. This truck uses an upgraded and highly durable metal swing arm with hydraulic shock absorbers for maximum protection and stability. Metal universal joint ensures that tires remain intact after accidental falls and moving through rugged terrains.  The metal adjustable connecting rods further add to the protection of the vehicle during high-impact falls and movements.

Using a powerful 550 motor, you are assured that your monster truck can reach up to high speeds of up to 45 km/hr. So, whether you or your kids are up for racing with other players, this would be a great purchase to experience a different kind of excitement.

A long-lasting 2200 mAH lithium-polymer battery ensures you’re getting more time racing at its peak performance. Once the battery is out, simply plug in the USB cable to the port to recharge the battery.

Each tire is made from anti-slip engineering nylon with independent suspension to withstand extreme crashes and bumps. Wheel torsion allows for maximum flexibility to navigate surfaces such as rocks, concrete, sand, and beaches, to name a few. With a separate purchase from the same manufacturer, you can also replace body casings easily.

Some assembly is required, so children below 14 years old should be guided by adults in setting up this toy vehicle. Each box contains spare parts including metal dog bone, metal cup head, front treasure chest, rear treasure chest, shock mount, and clutch.

For $199.99, this 4WD off-road monster truck toy gives your boys (or girls) a reason to stay off their phones and enjoy the outdoors!

Our Verdict

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For rugged terrains, INGQU Upgraded Metal 14 WD Off-Road Monster Truck if THE ONE to get!

3. Soyee RC Cars All Terrain 4WD Off-Road Waterproof Monster Truck

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The Soyee RC Cars All Terrain 4WD Off-Road Waterproof Monster Truck powers through at high speeds with ease on any roads.

Using a powerful dual-motor, this tough monster truck RC vehicle is intended by Soyee for extreme conditions. These motors use a 2.2 kg of high torque servo to boost speeds of up to 45 km/hr. With two speed modes, this vehicle can climb up to 50 degrees in inclined landscapes on average speed or use high-speed for racing.

As this monster truck is fit for all weather conditions, you don’t need to worry about mud and water getting through to the engine. This RC truck also comes with an independent suspension system for added stability. It’s also equipped for bounces and thuds with its impact-resistant heavy-duty tires with springs. The foam-filled tires further improve tire grip and stability when trekking bumpy roads.

A 60A electronic speed controller with reverse allows for vehicles to power through puddles without hindrance or engine breakdown. Never be out of signal again since this RC truck can be reached within an 80-meter range.

This 4-wheel drive off-road truck comes with a two-piece 1600mAh lithium-ion batteries. It can run on normal mode using one battery and dual battery mode for a prolonged running experience. Using the double battery can give you up to 30 minutes of running time, faster than most RC monster truck toys. After the batteries run out, simply plug in the charger for 2 to 3 hours to get back to racing again.

No need for intricate assembly! This is ready to run once it’s out of the box and charged. Each set also comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system, balance charge, UL adapter, eight body pins, wrench tool, on/off replacement part, battery strap, and wrench tool for repairs.

Our Verdict

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Wouldn’t this all TERRAIN truck make an all “TERR-IFIC” Birthday gift? We think so…

4. KIDCHEER High Speed Off Road Waterproof Monster Truck

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It’s the big toys for boys of all ages. The KIDCHEER High Speed Off Road Waterproof Monster Truck delivers exceptional performance for a compact RC truck.

This toy truck has a built-in dual motor that allows your vehicle to race up to 46 km/hr. It’s built for high-impact action with four independent shock absorbers to buffer any accidental falls and breakdowns. The vehicle’s body is waterproof so that it can resist any muddy grounds and water splashes. Rest assured that this toy vehicle runs smoothly after accidental drops or bumps from uneven ground.

This KIDCHEER product comes with premium parts needed for optimum racing performance. Aside from using a sturdy magnetic carbon brush motor, this monster truck toy also uses sponge padded rimmed tires for maximum stability and grip. It’s also the ideal set of wheels to have for racing cars threading rocky and inclined terrains.

The 2.4GHz remote control will keep your truck moving seamlessly uninterrupted by signals from other racing cars. It can cover ranges up to 50 meters away from the vehicle too!

Boys ages 14 years old and up would surely love playing their new toy outdoors! It’s a great way to keep them from screen time and have fun under the sun. Parents can also bond with their children by purchasing another monster truck and have a friendly match on lazy afternoons.

This off-road RC toy truck doesn’t require assembly, so it can be used immediately after charging. Each set also comes with a charger, a 1600mAh lithium-ion battery, eight body clips, and a hex wrench. It’s a good purchase that young boys and adults can enjoy for a long time!

Our Verdict

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Kids of all ages will enjoy the KIDCHEER High-Speed Off-Road Waterproof Monster Truck!

5. WHIMSWIT Off-Road Anti-Collision Cross-Country Racing Vehicle

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This familiar toy is not just any racing truck for boys. The WHIMSWIT Off-Road Anti-Collision Cross-Country Racing Vehicle is built for excellent running performance for any racing terrain.

With an embedded 540 brush driver motor, this monster truck toy can climb and drive any terrains with ease reaching speeds up to 48 km/hr. And just like racing cross-country, WHIMSWIT developed this for the best RC truck racing experience in mind.

Gripping even on rocky and inclined landscapes is easier with its anti-slip oversized wheels. This set also comes with an extra detachable tire in case it gets worn out from continuous use.

Sturdy anti-collision body and 2.2 kg steering engine further strengthens the vehicle’s protection against rough bumps and falls. Shock absorbers prevent wrecking or damaging any parts of the RC vehicle.

The 2.5GHz radio system allows for excellent control even up to 100 meters from the vehicle, ensuring each playtime is seamless and running efficiently for the win. No need for replacement batteries since this RC toy truck comes with two 7.4V rechargeable battery for maximum running time.

This off-road monster toy truck doesn’t require any assembly and will only take 2 to 3 hours of charging before you can use it. For users who are seven years old and below, it’s advisable to enjoy this with adult guidance.

Our Verdict

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For a reasonable price, you and your children can bond and enjoy racing outdoors… The exceptional run time on this one makes it an excellent choice!