Hello, Consumer!

consumer buying - online reviews

Are you in need of a particular product? Maybe some beautiful new furniture? Or, the latest, trending gadget? Are you confident about the piece you just picked?

Are you making the right buying decisions?

Your answer should always be a YES. In fact, online customer reviews exist for this very reason.

While many may argue that online product reviews can get lost in all the Internet noise, customers actually make use of them to come up with sound buying decisions. An online shoppers survey1 revealed how product reviews are considered “a source of information” by buyers. Customers read reviews expecting a list of the product or service features, the pros, the cons, and the rating or recommendation.

And while it is true that gaps do exist in rating systems, consumers value the opinion of others who have had first-hand experience with the product. All these details help shape their own buying decision.

Buy right. Buy better!

Hey, Business Owners and Marketers!

The buying process has definitely changed. Time to step up your game.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that reviews of your product or business have a magnanimous impact on the reputation and performance of your brand.  Whether you own a hotel, run a food truck, or make pencils, you should know that customer reviews matter.

Customer reviews, in fact, hold power over your business.

You need to listen to your customers and track what they’ve been saying about your business. Keep a close eye on customer feedback; this way you protect and build your brand as you understand your customers.

Make your customers buy right and buy better!

What the Statistics Say

There is solid evidence that online customer reviews are merely subjective sentiments that nobody really takes seriously. The opposite is in fact true.

Here are some statistics and trends on customer review that should convince you that your business needs it!

  • About 93% of local consumers check out local business reviews3.
  • Ninety-seven percent of all consumers factor in customer reviews into their purchasing decisions4 and 92% hesitate to buy a product without one5.
  • Eighty-four percent of consumers trust the online reviews like personal recommendations.6

Who We Are

At Best Products Online, we provide consumers with research-backed facts, intelligent opinions, and a wealth of options—because we believe you can definitely buy better!

Using our Methodology that combines research and consumer insight, we feature the Top 5 Products in various categories. Best Products Online commits to bringing you all the top products and brands. And, by products we mean anything you can think of! And, we are adding to our site every day! Our honest reviews offer prospective consumers a glimpse of what they can expect from any product you may have in mind.

Our ultimate goal? To help buyers to make informed educated decisions through our detailed reviews and rankings. We strive to give no less than the most detailed and accurate ranking and review so you get no less than the best deal!

We believe that definitely, you can buy better!


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