Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2022

Let’s face it; spending hours to keep your home spotless for your family’s health isn’t fun. Nobody is crazy about the idea of getting rid of dust particles, dirt, allergens, crumbs, or pet hair. Surely you can use a little help with cleaning nooks and crannies that are almost impossible to see or reach. And help is exactly what the vacuum cleaner offers to make the tedious and back-breaking chore that is floor cleaning become a little more bearable.

The vacuum cleaner is a staple piece of equipment found in homes in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a small apartment or a massive Mediterranean mansion; if you ask every home owner they’d most likely to say it’s almost impossible not to own one. In fact, it is expected that some 32 million pieces will be produced by 2022 to address the growing vacuum cleaner market.

Today, vacuum cleaners come in all types, forms, shapes, and sizes. Each of them is packed with features to showcase to customers how they’re outsmarting their competitors. If you’re a smart consumer, you will consider numerous factors before buying vacuum cleaners so you end up with the best tool that gets the job done.

Many times, however, going through each of the brands and models of vacuum cleaners can be overwhelming. The choices are just too many and evaluating their features takes up a lot of your time. The sheer number of websites and sellers you need to check out to compare prices all promise tedious work. Not to mention the perplexing equipment jargons that, instead of clearing the air for you, leave you even more confused!

We Help you Make the Right Choice

We help you sort out your vacuum cleaner dilemma. We scoured the Internet for the latest and most comprehensive information, put them together, and created a simple list so you have all the facts you need in one place. We present all vacuum cleaner details in a straightforward fashion so you don’t have to “decipher codes” to see what one offers and another doesn’t.

What you want is to find the right information and get the right advice—these are ways to guarantee a purchase that you will not regret. We did the work for you!

Before deciding to purchase, get the right perspective. Check out our recommendations to save your precious time and hard-earned money. Trust us when we say there is always that perfect vacuum cleaner for your need and budget.

Our Methodology

To come up with our Top 5 picks, follows a four-step process:

First, we find the products that have the best reviews and highest customer rating.

Vacuum Cleaner Methodology - Step 3 iconSecond, we gather all information on the top-selling products we found. These include their features and customer reviews. We make it easy for readers by creating a summary.

Vacuum Cleaner Methodology - Step 2 iconThird, we weigh in on the many features of each of the products. We consider the information volunteered by customers in their reviews. We keep the list final only when we have exhausted the process of analyzing and comparing all data.

Vacuum Cleaner Methodology - Step 4iconFinally, we make a Comparison Chart featuring all information so readers can easily compare every product. Should readers wish to find more, we also provide a detailed review of each item.

Our Category: Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There is a wide selection of vacuum cleaners available today. They come in different types and classifications and are categorized as Upright Vacuums, Sweeper Vacuums, Canister Vacuums, Deep Cleaners, Handheld Vacuums, Pet Vacuums, and Robot Vacuums.

For this ranking and review, is giving you our list of Top 5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners have been the most commonly used vacuum cleaners in US households for years but they certainly have come a long way. Traditionally, this type comes with an integrated motorized beater brush that effectively and easily removes dirt and dust through suction. Both the suction and the motor are built on the same unit that users push in front of them.

Today, you will find state-of-the-art upright vacuum cleaners with advanced technologies. They now come with more powerful rotating brushes for better cleaning ability and smaller hoses for convenient yet improved suction power. Now more than ever, they can efficiently extract particles from the thickest of carpets. They work just as well on hardwood floors. Upright Vacuums are either bagged or bagless and some even come with height adjustment feature.

Here are 5 more reasons to choose an Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

  • It is typically cheaper than a canister vacuum cleaner, its closest competitor.
  • Maneuvering is usually easy, especially when transitioning from bare floors to carpets.
  • No need to bend your back while using it, unless the model you choose comes with a hose.
  • There are no accessories to dismount; you use it right away and store it easily.
  • It offers wide cleaning coverage.

Our Individual Metrics

We search for the most ideal vacuum cleaners in the market with consumers in mind, which is why take into account all factors as we weigh the options.

For a quick look at what each vacuum cleaner has to offer, we present these specifications:

  • Weight
  • Dimensions (H x L x W)
  • Input Power (Amperes)
  • Cleaning Path / Nozzle Width
  • Power Cord Length
  • Hose Length
  • Dirt Trap Type
  • Filter Type
  • Price (
  • Outstanding Feature

We analyze and rank the Best 5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners based on these metrics:

50percent Suction Power indicates effectiveness in collecting dirt leaving nearly or absolutely zero trace

25percentEase of Assembly, Use and Storage
15percentNoise Level because the more powerful the motor is, the quieter the equipment
10percentValue for Money

Comparison Review Chart: Top 5 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Product / Specifications Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352Shark Navigator
Lift-Away NV352
Dyson Ball Animal 2Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120 Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030AEureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595ABissell CleanView Vacuum with OnePass 9595A
Weight (lbs) 12.5 17.5 16.5 15.5 15
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 45.2 x 11.4 x 12.4 42.13 x 15.35 x 13.39 44 x 13.5 x 13 28 x 11.5 x 14 31.5 x 14.63 x 10.75
Cleaning Path 9.5″ 13.4″ 13.5″ 13″ 13.5″
Power Cord 25-30 ft 35 ft 25 ft 27 ft 25 ft
Hose Length 5 ft 15 ft 8ft 10ft 6ft
Dirt Trap Type Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless
Filter Type HEPA Air Filtration HEPA Air Filtration HEPA Air Filtration HEPA Air Filtration Multi-level Filtration
Price $ ( $139.00 $499.00 ($278.99 after discount) $106.98 $139.99 ($99 after discount) $79.99
Outstanding Feature Lift-Away Technology features a detachable canister, so the NV352 doubles as a portable cleaner with a push of the button. With Radial Root Cyclone technology, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 picks up more microscopic dust than any other. The WindTunnel 3 Technology on UH71020 creates three channels for “suction, lifting and removing” particles and dirt that are deeply embedded in the carpet. AirSpeed technology minimizes power loss in the AS3030A by directing suction from the motor to the floor nozzle. The OnePass Technology lets the9595A “clean the first time, in just one pass”.

Top 5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Scores & Detailed Reviews

1stShark Navigator Lift-Away NV352

Overall Score: 93%

Suction Power: 48%
Ease of Assembly: 24%
Noise Level: 13%
Value for Money: 8%

With an extreme suction power of 270 Air Watts, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 boasts of its “never-loses-suction” technology. This means you don’t only transition from hardwood floors to areas covered by rugs, upholstery, or carpet easily; you also get superior floor contact and the same powerful suction ability every time. It promises smooth handling, versatility in picking up debris of all types including dust, dirt particles, pet hair, and crumbs.

Users can’t help but commend the NV253 for its Lift-Away Technology. With a touch of the button, this vacuum cleaner can become a portable cleaning tool; thanks to its detachable canister. The NV352 unit also comes with a wide pet upholstery tool, a dusting brush, as well as 24” and 5.5” crevice tools at your disposal. Just like that, those hard-to-reach areas become a thing of the past.

Weighing just 12.5 lbs, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away has swivel steering features for easier maneuver. With a noise level of only 77dB, the NV352 doesn’t sound as annoying as first era of vacuum cleaner models. Moreover, the HEPA Filtration seal guarantees the NV352 will not emit the allergens it collects back into the air.

What’s not to like about the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352? There’s not a lot on our list. Customers have expressed that the unit could use some improvement on its swivel system, better plowing effect for collecting larger debris particles, a LED headlight, and integrated handle controls.

For the price of $139.00 on, this all-around vacuum cleaner proves to be a valuable must-have in most American homes.

2ndDyson Ball Animal 2

Overall Score: 90%

Suction Power: 49%
Ease of Assembly: 22%
Noise Level: 14%
Value for Money: 5%

The impressive 306-Air Watt suction power of Dyson Ball Animal 2 certainly had customers curious. That means users are in for a treat: this product sucks big time—literally! This results in superior cleaning ability on multiple floor types including smooth surfaces, hard floors, rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

The functionalities that should make cleaning capacity adjustments easy are missing in the Dyson Ball Animal 2 – but this doesn’t prove to be a setback in any way. Superior suction ability is ensured when vacuuming all types of floors, rendering all functionalities in other vacuum cleaners unnecessary in this Dyson model.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 also excels in the maneuverability department with its swiveling head feature. It’s usually difficult to turn corners using stiff upright vacuum cleaners but this equipment’s does a 170-degee swivel like a pro. Its lengthy power cord, along with its wand and hose allows users to easily vacuum particles out of hard-to-reach spots in a room.

Why is it the “Animal” model you ask? The name emphasizes that this upright vacuum cleaner is your ultimate tool for collecting tough pet fur or hair. Engineered with Radial Root Cyclone technology for use in homes and places with pets, satisfied users say this product is a beast in its own right.

And now to the not-so-spectacular side of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Weighing nearly 17.5 lbs, it certainly isn’t lightweight, and this has become a problem for users. It is a challenge to push it on deep pile rugs and carpets. And perhaps the biggest downside that sends customers to competitors is its hefty price tag. Most homeowners say the Dyson Ball Animal 2’s regular price of $499.99 on ($378.99 after discount) is just too much.

3rdHoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120

Overall Score: 89%

Suction Power: 46%
Ease of Assembly: 23%
Noise Level: 12%
Value for Money: 8%

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120 has been getting a lot of attention for its superior suction capability at 90 inches of water lift. Satisfied users say this upright vacuum cleaner lifts a significant amount of hidden gunk out of their thick carpets, with the canister showing all that dirt in all its glory. Because your carpet is extremely clean, there is no carpet odor either.

It’s all thanks to the WindTunnel 3 Technology of this high-rated Hoover upright vacuum cleaner. This state-of-the-art feature creates a three-way suction channel that picks up and removes and deeply embedded dirt in your thick carpet, including pet hair—with just a few runs over it.

This product is called “Rewind” because of its lengthy 27-foot cord that automatically rewinds or retracts. This means you don’t need to wrap the cord after every use.

Users also marvel at how powerful yet quiet the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120 is at 70dB to 80dB, unlike most other brands and models that make a lot of noise. It’s also fairly lightweight. The adjustable height and the HEPA filtration of this upright vacuum cleaner are also a plus. For the price of $106.98 at, this upright vacuum cleaner is a keeper.

Why might some users not like the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120? This upright vacuum cleaner lacks a swiveling head, which means it’s not very easy to maneuver it. Also, because it does pick up a large amount of dirt, the canister will need to be replaced more frequently than in most other brands.

4th Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A

Overall Score: 85%

Suction Power: 45%
Ease of Assembly: 23%
Noise Level: 10%
Value for Money: 7%

The Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A is a stellar performer on hardwood and linoleum floors and can clean carpets well with its on-and-off brush roll. You don’t really have to worry about leaving scratches your floor because this upright vacuum cleaner comes with soft rubber wheels to prevent that.

The Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A has an integrated AirSpeed Technology. This means the suction process is directed from the motor to the floor nozzle without going through a hose. Ultimately, this feature helps maintains the equipment’s powerful suction when in use and reduces power loss.

With its build of 15.5 lbs, it’s not that difficult to use and store your Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A. You can adjust the height of this upright vacuum cleaner five ways. This means vacuuming in both flat and elevated floors doesn’t have to be a problem.

It has a 27-foot power cord that automatically rewinds and a stretchable hose that extends to up to 12 feet. The HEPA Filtration is a great feature for trapping allergens and preventing them from coming back out. It costs $139.99 on ($99 after discount).

What could Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A makers have done better? Owners of this upright vacuum cleaner attest to its suction power on hard wood and linoleum floors but think it is a letdown on rugs and carpets. Also the maneuvering mechanism isn’t that great as it generally requires more effort to turn or push. Without a swiveling head, this equipment’s maneuverability isn’t one of its best features.

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595A

Overall Score: 82%

Suction Power: 44%
Ease of Assembly: 21%
Noise Level: 10%
Value for Money: 7%

How does an upright vacuum cleaner that gets the job done “for the first time, in just one pass” sound? The Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595A offers this convenience to users. You don’t need to go over your floor or carpet multiple times or use several vacuum cleaners; the technology fitted into this Bissell equipment’s brush bar gets the dirt up in just one swipe. It also runs on Cyclonic System that ensures longer-lasting suction and does a decent job at removing pet hair.

Included in the Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595A starter box is the TurboBrush tool for vacuuming your furniture or stairs. An extension wand, a dusting brush and a crevice tool are also provided, which can be attached on the equipment’s storage nodules. Users also appreciate its Multi-Level Filtration and easy-to-empty dirt tank.

The Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595A offers fast and easy cleaning on the initial pass for the price of $79.99 on So you don’t just cut your vacuuming time in half; you also get good value for your money.

The downsides? The Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum 9595A weighs 15 pounds. Carrying it up and down the stairs is a challenge for most users. As it is bulky, it is also awkward to maneuver around corners. Buyers also hope its filtration system was HEPA certified so it’s safe for users with allergies.