5 Best Retro Handheld Gaming Systems in 2022

* TIANYY Handheld Game Console
* Etpark’s Handheld Game Console
* Hweikin’s Handheld Game Console
* MEEPHONG’s Handheld Game Console
* PocketGo Portable Handheld Retro Game

Handheld gaming has been in existence for more than three decades. These systems underwent innovations, from the very first models with a pre-determined set of games per unit to the cartridge-based handheld devices.

No matter how technology has evolved for handheld video game systems, the gaming consoles remain popular. People from different ages still desire the portability and connectivity that these games offer, not to mention the nostalgia it provides.

Nowadays, these gaming consoles do offer not only entertaining games but also provide an overall user experience that many enjoy, including the crisp display and ability to stream music and video content.

What to Consider When Buying a Handheld Gaming System

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Since most handheld gaming systems come with different features, it is crucial to determine what to look for when you are planning to buy one. That way, you can make sure you are getting good value for your money and won’t regret your choice.

One of the factors that gamers usually look for is size. While these gaming consoles are handheld, everyone’s hands are different, so one size does not fit all. Picking the right size for your handheld gaming system can ensure that you can play your favorite game without instant fatigue. It will fit your hands properly.

The size of the game library matters, too. You will want to have a variety of games if you wish to play the role of first-person shooters, platformers, or other role-playing games.

Storage and battery life are also necessary. If you are planning to build your library, you will need enough space to store your favorite games. You would also want rechargeable batteries and, hopefully, ones that can last for long hours of uninterrupted play.

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With these factors in mind, we’re presenting 5 of the best handheld gaming systems that you might want to consider. These consoles are not just for kids. Adults can use this too for a blast of nostalgia.

1. TIANYY Retro FC Portable Handheld Game Console

From Tianyy comes the Retro FC Portable Handheld Game Console that meets most of the players’ demands. Slim, portable, and trendy, this portable gaming console can rekindle your childhood memories or give to your child as a gift for special occasions.

This gaming console is a digital multi-platform device, letting you pay on TV if you want. It offers a high-definition experience as well as a barrier-free connection between the LCD screen and the game running system. The battery is rechargeable with a USB cable and can last for 4-7 hours of continuous gameplay. It comes in a black color and features 168 games. Light and portable, this is an ideal choice for your child or even for yourself.

The company’s quality assurance allows you a 1-year replacement and lifetime support, in case you encounter problems with the device along the way.

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2. Etpark Handheld Game Console

Another trip down memory lane is presented with Etpark’s Handheld Game Console. This retro mini-game player has 28-inch color screen support that allows you to connect to your TV for a more unforgettable experience.

Perfect for both kids and adults, this game console offers unique 400 FC games, from Super Mario, Contra, ad Tetris to other classic FC games. It can take you straight to your favorite childhood memories. The package includes a gamepad that can connect to a little handheld console for two-player games. Its compact and lightweight size means you can carry it everywhere you go. It is also rechargeable and a battery that can run to 5 hours of non-interrupted play.

A perfect gift for your children, this gaming console has a simple arcade-style and is easy to play. It can keep your little boy or girl occupied, or you can enjoy parent-child time on weekends by playing the game together.

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3. weikin Handheld Game Console

With a total of 168 FC games in its arsenal, weikin’s Handheld Game Console is compact and lightweight, allowing you to play anytime and anywhere. You can easily access it whenever you feel the need to pass the time or relax and unwind.

Some of the games it features include Super Mario, Contra, and Tetris. It also consists of a gamepad that allows you to play 2-player games. If you want to have a better gaming experience, you can also connect it to the TV. This console is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that can allow you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted play. It is an ideal companion if you are on a business trip, traveling, or camping. 

This console comes in two languages, English and Chinese. Its two-player capacity can allow you to bond with your child by playing your favorite childhood games.

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Did someone say road trip? The weikin’s Handheld Game Console is great for the kiddos on those long car rides!

4. MEEPHONG Handheld Game Console

Want to play a game of nostalgia? MEEPHONG’s Handheld Game Console is a 3.0-inch LCD screen with the option to connect to your TV, allowing you to play more vivid and exciting games on the big screen.

The game console has a total of 168 built-in games. It includes dozens of the most classic NES video games, such as Super Mario, Tetris, PAC-Man, Street Fighter, and many more. Whether you are camping or traveling, you can enjoy these games anytime and anywhere. If you want to bond with your child, this console can be a great gift too. They can experience your favorite childhood games and allows you to communicate with them through shared interest and experience. You can even join them at a game or two by using the extra joystick that comes with the package.

This handheld gaming system comes with a 1-year warranty. It also works with Android and Nintendo Switch, which is a bonus to many gamers.

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This model has 168 games!!! Can you believe it? Never a dull moment!!!

5. PocketGo Portable Handheld Retro Game

Ideal for a quick pick up and play, the PocketGo Portable Handheld Retro Game offers better gaming experience on playing GBA/SNES games, although it does support more than ten gaming systems.

You can play your favorite classic games anytime and anywhere. Designed to fit the palm, this portable gaming console offers a vivid gaming experience with its crisp, bright screen and colorful button layout, which is easy to use. It has expandable memory so you can add more games to your liking. This gaming console is also rechargeable and allows you to play your favorite games for hours on end. Plus, the system allows you to save your game. You can put it down, do a pressing task, and continue where you left off when you’re ready!

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