5 Best Water Purifiers / Water Filtration Systems in 2022

* Brondell’s Coral Single-Stage Water Filtration System
* CuZn UC-200 Under-Counter Water Filter
* iSpring US31 3-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filtration System
* Ecosoft 3-Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System
* Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter

Are you troubled by news of unsafe water coming from your tap? Although tap water is the most tested and regulated source of water in the United States, you should add another layer of filtration in your home. Despite being tested as safe, water can still contain impurities that make it unfit for human consumption.

Why Get a Water Purifier or Water Filtration System

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Access to clean water is a global issue, with 2.1 billion people unable to drink safe water in their homes. Surprising as it is, even some of the wealthiest states in the United States face challenges in clean water despite the stringent tests on tap-water quality. Consequently, bottled water sales have skyrocketed over the past decades.

Through filtration, the impurities are removed, making tap water safer to drink while also improving its taste. Are you planning to buy a water purifier or water filtration system for your home or office, but unsure of what to get? Check out the following water purifiers and water filtration systems that will bring you safer, cleaner drinking water.

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Amazon prices may change without prior notice, but all items were within the $100 price range at the time of this publishing.

1. Brondell UC100 H2O+ Coral Single-Stage Undercounter Water Filtration System

Featuring a powerful three-stage filtration, the Brondell’s Coral Single-Stage Water Filtration System is an under-counter filtration system perfect for every American household. It filters out the chemical and biological contaminants from your tap water while leaving you with the beneficial minerals you and your family need. Once you get the Brondell’s Coral filter set, you will get minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium that a glass of drinking water should contain.

The Brondell’s Coral One-Stage Filtration System includes a sediment filter, a pre-carbon filter, and a carbon block filter. These are high capacity filters that effectively remove lead – up to 99%. They filter physical, biological and chemical contaminants! Enjoy safe and clean purified drinking water for the entire year with a 300-gallon capacity without worrying about leaks. Trust that you are getting the best product because Brondell is a Gold Seal-certified brand.

The Coral filter set is sold with a pre-installed faucet hose, t-valve, and multiple adapters. With the “quick connect” design, it means that installation is simple. Despite being priced under $100, Brondell’s Coral Single-Stage Filtration System includes an elegant, chrome kitchen faucet that screams elegance, quality, and efficiency. Plus, the filter features a Twist & Seal system, which makes changing the water filter fast and easy. And if you are handy, you can even do it yourself! Make your water healthy with the Brondell’s Coral Single-Stage Water Filtration System.

Our Verdict

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To ensure safe drinking water for your family, buy the Brondell’s Coral One-Stage Water Filtration System today… from Amazon!

2. CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

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Certified made in the United States, the CuZn UC-200 Under-Counter Water Filter will give you up to five years of clean, safe tap water. It boasts a 5-year Pro-Rated Warranty that guarantees an incredible 50,000 gallon-capacity. Every purchase of CuZn products will also give you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you do not have to worry about damage or returns.

The CuZn UC-200 Under-Counter Water Filter is specifically designed to filter municipal water only. It is not advised that you use the CuZn UC-200 for private well water. When you buy one for your home or office, you need to remember that it is a water purification system and not a water softening system. Its 3-stage filtration process – Micro Sediment Membranes, KDF-55, and Coconut Shell Carbon – removes all the unnecessary chemicals and sediments while leaving you all the beneficial minerals. And because it features a bacteriostatic filtration system, your CuZn UC-200 will stay free of mold and bacteria.

The installation will be a breeze! No third faucet means no hassle! You do not need to install another faucet when you get the CuZn UC-200 Under-Counter Water Filter. Simply connect the filter under the counter and directly to your kitchen sink’s cold water line. You will get purified water in just a few minutes!

Our Verdict

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Connect this one right up to your existing kitchen faucet! What could be simpler?

3. iSpring US31 3-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filtration System

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Say goodbye to paying ridiculous amounts of money for water when you buy the iSpring US31 3-Stage Under Sink Drinking Water Filtration System. The high-efficiency filtration system will give you up to 20,000 gallons of purified drinking water directly from your tap. You will be surprised by how much you will save for drinking water.

Once you install the iSpring US31 under-the-sink drinking water filtration system, tap water will pass through a 3-stage filtration. Water will flow through PP sediment filtration, dual CTO carbon filtration, as well as a second layer of proprietary GAC filtration. Your water will be free from typical sediments like dust, chemicals, sand, dirt, and even rust. It also effectively removes heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic – that puts people’s health at risk.

Featuring a European design, the brushed nickel all-metal faucet will blend in on any kitchen. You and your family will have around the clock access to a fresh healthy drinking water supply. Designed for easy installation and low maintenance, the iSpring US31 is ideal for every American household. The sediment filter protects and extends the life of your filtration system, so you do not have to worry about changing it anytime soon.

Our Verdict

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With a three-stage filtration system, your water will taste great!

4. Ecosoft 3-Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System

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Bring the taste of nature to your home, office, or even to your RV home once you install the Ecosoft 3-Stage Under Sink Water Purifier Filtration System. Despite its practical and simple design, it is packed with powerful 3-stage water filtration. Tap water will pass through water three stages of water purification, designed with carbon filters. The high purifying level of the Ecosoft 3-stage under-sink-water purifier filtration system, you will get natural tasting water without the after taste of chlorine. Find comfort in knowing that your drinking water is free of particles, bacteria, metals, and harmful minerals.

At a reasonable price, you will get a high-quality filtration system. Every part of the device is tested for durability, and is guaranteed to be impermeable and goes through the manufacturer’s meticulous quality control. The Ecosoft 3-stage purifier filtration system is relatively simple to install and replace. With its minimalist style, it will add life to your kitchen. More importantly, it will significantly improve the quality of your drinking water. 

Our Verdict

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If you’re looking for a quality water purification system at a reasonable price… Check this one out!

5. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter

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Guarantees to remove 99.99% of LEAD from your drinking water, the Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter features two-stage advanced water purifier technology with 0.5 microns. The Frizzlife MP99’s two-stage filtration system removes known water contaminants with impressive precision. It eliminates lead, heavy metals (mercury, chromium 6) rust, volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, chlorine, and other contaminants. Your tap water will be free from such as turbidity, odor, and especially the bad taste you get from unfiltered tap water. Once you install the Frizzlife MP99, you will be enjoying pure and healthy water every time you open the tap.

For only $84.85, you get a dedicated faucet and a brass feed water adapter valve – a design perfect for modern homes. With a dedicated stainless steel faucet, you can have it installed in most sinks making clean, filtered water accessible to you both for drinking and cooking. You do not have to hire a plumber. You can even do it yourself within 10 minutes by simply following the step-to-step installation manual. And because of the twist-in installation and auto shut-off design, you can have the filter replaced in under 3 minutes – tool-free, and without any mess. You only need to replace the core cartridge without the need to dispose of the entire plastic housing. Enjoy the taste of spring-fresh water from the comforts of your home.

Our Verdict

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Buy the Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter from Amazon Prime and receive it within 2 days and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING!